Black & white design allows an image to portray a feeling in a way that no color could ever do through the usage of different shades of black and white. Through the pieces provided, I was able to successfully relay a message that was intended for each audience.

Project: Ad Image
Title: " Help Save the Real Fish"

Brainstorming and trial and error gave me the solution to the layout of the pieces. The layout of the text "Help the fish!" was used three times to emphasize the stressed meaning being portrayed. The use of the soft shades of gray gives a soothing feeling to the viewer for a subject that arouses a feeling of panic and caution.


Project: Typographic Composition
Title: "Awake, arise"

Was able to generate the best visual display of words in a typographically successful layout through usage of different size fonts and the contrast between black and white. This usage gives the viewer a sense of falling into darkness with the white background being on top and the contrast down to the black, with the repeating of the word: "fallen".


Project: Greeting Card
Title: Thank You
Image editing and adjustment of proportions.

Project: Russian CD Cover
Title: Don Cossack Choir CD Cover

Created a connection between the sound of the choir with color, layout, and typeface. Since this choir is from the middle of the last century, I wanted to emphasize a darker image representing the past with mixes of blacks, whites, and silver highlights. The layout gives the choir the most attention being in the middle of the piece. The typeface expresses the grandeur of the choir through the usage of different size fonts.