I am a Graphic Designer specializing in identity, web, and interactive design. My professional creative experience includes brand management, design strategy, corporate identity, print design, web design, and illustration. I am fortunate to have worked with a wide spectrum of clients who have had an equally wide range of needs. This experience has not only taught me how to adapt my approach to the creative process, but also how to effectively manage concurrent projects whether they be corporate or non-profit in nature or of large or small scale.

My current position as a freelancer has exposed me to many different aspects of graphic design, varying from producing a product from analysis to design and layout of the end product. I am experienced in the development, designing, and layout of various publications into graphic terms that best convey the intended meaning to the user. I am able to take verbal concepts and develop graphic presentations that best interpret the meaning.

Most importantly, I feel the experience I have gained has taught me to be flexible in any work environment.

After you review my portfolio, you'll find that my background includes a BS in Professional and Technical Communication, along with experience in graphic design, digital photography and imaging. I have accumulated knowledge in programs such as Adobe PhotoShop CS, Adobe Illustrator CS, Quark Xpress, and various other programs, as well as Web development using Macromedia programs.

In my portfolio, you will be able to view different pieces of work that I have designed and created, organized into categories. All images may be enlarged for better viewing.